Index of Recipes

Please keep in mind that if you are looking for something that uses a specific ingredient, you can use the LABELS listed on the right hand side of the page (you may need to scroll down a bit).  Just click on the label you are interested in to see all of the recipes that incorporate that ingredient or key word.  As always, we love to hear from you, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us

Baked Chicken and Mushrooms (picture)
Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken
Breakfast Casserole (picture)
Breakfast Pizza (picture)
Bruschetta Chicken Bake (picture)
Chicken and Asparagus Casserole (picture)
Chicken Divan (picture)
Chicken and Spinach Rigatoni (picture)
Easy Chicken Bake
French Toast Casserole (picture)
Lasagna (picture)
Mexican Casserole (picture)
Mexican Lasagna (picture)
Pierogi Casserole (picture)
Salsa Chicken Bake (picture)
Spinach Mozzarella Egg Bake (picture)
Steak House Mac and Cheese (picture)
Turkey Day Casserole
Zippy Beef Casserole (picture)

Pressure Cooker:
Bang Bang Chicken (picture)
Chili Lime Chicken (picture)
Shrimp and Chard Farro (picture)

Slow Cooker:
4 Cheese Lasagna (picture)
Aloha Chicken Sandwiches (picture)
Beef Barley Soup (slow cooker) (picture)
Beef Stroganoff (picture)
Cheesy Bacon Potatoes (slow cooker) (picture)
Cheesy Ham and Potatoes (Slow Cooker)
Chicken and Dumplings (picture)
Chicken and Ham Stew (picture)
Creamy Crockpot Tortellini Soup (picture)
Crock Pot General Tso's Chicken (picture)
Delicious Crock Pot Pork Chops (picture)
Dijon Chicken Thighs with Artichoke Sauce (Slow Cooker) (picture)
Fruited Irish Oatmeal (picture)
Hearty Taco Stew (picture)
Honey-Sauced Chicken (picture)
Overnight German Chocolate Oatmeal (picture)
Pepper Steak (Slow Cooker) (picture)
Potato Soup  (picture)
Pulled Pork (picture)
Salsa Chicken  (picture)
Salsa Chicken Tortilla Bake (picture)
Scalloped Chicken (picture)
Slow Cooker Apricot Salsa Chicken (picture)
Slow Cooker Beef with Mushrooms (picture)
Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps (picture)
Slow Cooker Italian Beef (picture)
Slow Cooker Italian Chicken (picture)
Slow Cooker Lemon Chicken (picture)
Slow Cooker Tex Mex Chicken (picture)
Spanish Chicken (Slow Cooker)
Sweet and Sour Chicken (Slow Cooker) (picture)
Taco Chili (picture)
Tuscan Chicken and Beans (Slow Cooker) (picture)

Big Batch Bolognese (picture)
Chicken and Spinach Rigatoni (picture)
Creamy Cauliflower Mac (picture)
Easy Shrimp Pasta (picture)
Homemade Spaghetti Sauce (picture)
Lasagna (picture)
Mac and Cheese with Squash (picture)
Meatless Monday Penne with Artichokes and Sun-Dried Tomatoes (picture)
Pasta Trapanese (picture)
Pork and Mushroom Stuffed Shells (picture)
Roasted Veggie and Sausage Pasta (picture)
Sausage and Broccoli Skillet (picture)
Sausage, Tomato, and Spinach Pasta (picture)
Sausage and white bean orecchiette
Scapes Pesto (picture)
Shortcut Chicken Manicotti (picture)
Shortcut Stuffed Shells (picture)
Tomato and Asparagus Carbonara (picture)
Tomato and Gorgonzola Pasta Salad (picture)
Spicy Chicken Rigatoni (picture)
Zesty Chicken Pasta (picture)
Zucchini Ribbon Pasta (picture)

Andrew's Joe (picture)
Asian Pork and Veggies (Slow Cooker)
Asian Pork Chops (picture)
Asian Stuffed Cabbage (picture)
Asian Turkey and Veggie Lettuce Wraps (picture)
Baked Salmon with Veggies (picture)
Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms (picture)
Barbecups (picture)
Black Bean Feta Quinoa Bowl (picture)
Chicken and Egg Fried Rice (picture)
Chicken Marsala (picture)
Chicken Piccata (picture)
Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes (picture)
Chili Lime Farro and Veggie Bowl (picture)
Chorizo, Potato, and Roasted Veggie Bowl (picture)
Crispy Oven-Fried Fish (picture)
Chicken Salad with Garbanzo Bean (picture)
Citrus Herb Marinated Chicken (picture)
Easy Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas (picture)
Easy Turkey Stromboli
English Muffin Pizzas (picture)
Ginger Shrimp and Veggies (picture)
Hawaiian Grilled Chicken (picture)
Honey-Orange Chicken (picture)
Italian Baked Chicken (picture)
Lemon Basil Pork Chops (picture)
Lemony Tuna Toss (picture)
Liesa's Throw and Go (picture)
Mini Meatloaves (picture)
Mini Salmon Loaves (picture)
Mini Turkey Burgers with Cucumber Dill Sauce (picture)
Easy One-Pot Chicken and Rice (picture)
One Pan Smoked Sausage and Veggies
Oven Roasted Meatball Subs (picture)
Panko Chicken with Grapefruit Honey Sauce (picture)
Parmesan Crusted Chicken (picture)
Pesto Chicken and Veggies (picture)
Pita Pizza (picture)
Pork and Apple Skillet Meal (picture)
Pulled BBQ Chicken Crescents (picture)
Roasted Beet Pesto Pizza (picture)
Salmon Cakes (picture)
Salmon and Dill Sauce (picture)
Sausage and Broccoli Skillet (picture)
Sausage and Brown Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash (picture)
Shortcut Asian Beef and Noodles (picture)
Southwestern Stuffed Peppers (picture)
Stuffed Pepper Skillet (picture)
Stuffed Pepper Soup (picture)
Taco Cupcakes (picture)
Un-stuffed Cabbage Skillet
Zesty Pork Chops (picture)

Acorn Squash and Apple Soup (picture)
Beef Barley Soup - Slow Cooker (picture)
Broccoli and Cheese Soup
Copycat Panera Bread Autumn Squash Soup (picture)
Creamy Crockpot Tortellini Soup (picture)
Hoppin' John Soup (picture)
Italian Vegetable and Gnocchi Soup (picture) 
Italian White Bean, Cabbage, and Sausage Soup (picture)
Kickin' Butternut Squash Soup (picture)
Pasta e Fagioli (Olive Garden copycat) (picture)
Potato Soup  (picture)
Stuffed Pepper Soup (picture)
Three Bean Vegetable Chili (picture)
White Chicken Chili (picture)

Artichoke Appetizer (picture)
Baked Artichoke & Crab Dip (picture)
Baked Cream Cheese Appetizer
Banana Pepper Mustard (picture)
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Chipotle Queso Dip (picture)
Crab Dip
Creamy Mexican Dip
Crispy Asparagus Fries (picture)
Easy Veggie Dip (picture)
Fresh Salsa (picture)
Matt's Guacamole (picture)
Party Pepperoni Bread (picture)
Pizza Fondue (picture)
Savory Deviled Eggs (picture)
Spinach and Artichoke Dip (picture)
Stuffed Banana Peppers (picture)
Taco Dip (picture)
White Pizza Dip (picture)
Zucchini Parmesan Crisps (picture)

Berry Breakfast Bake (picture)
Breakfast Casserole (picture)
Breakfast Cookies (picture)
Breakfast in a Muffin (picture)
Breakfast Pizza (picture)
Fruited Irish Oatmeal (picture)
Grab & Go Egg Muffins (picture)
Jiffy Hands Pear Bread (picture)
Oatmeal Energy Bites (picture)
Overnight Oats (picture)
Sausage, Egg, and Potato Casserole (picture)
Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffins (picture)

Apple Walnut Chicken Salad and Balsamic Apple Vinaigrette (picture)
Asian Salad
Chickpea and Chicken Salad (picture)
Lemon-shallot Vinaigrette
Knock-off Spinach Power Salad (picture)
Marinated Kale Salad (picture)
Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing (picture)
Tomato and Gorgonzola Pasta Salad (picture)

Amazing Oven-Roasted Broccoli (picture)
Baked Pineapple (picture)
Black Bean and Quinoa Toss (picture)
Broccoli and Cheese Casserole 
Butternut Squash Casserole (picture)
Carrot and Couscous Salad (picture)
Cheesy Potatoes (picture)
Cheesy Bacon Potatoes (slow cooker) (picture)
Cheesy Rice and Corn Casserole (picture)
Cheesy Twice Baked Butternut Squash (picture)
Couscous with Raisins and Swiss Chard (picture)
Creamy Lemon Basil Potato Salad (picture)
Crispy Asparagus Fries (picture)
Gary's Famous Baked Beans (picture)
Honey Ginger Carrots (picture)
Mac and Cheese with Squash (picture)
Mashed Potato Casserole (picture)
Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Apples (picture)
Quinoa Salad with Butternut Squash (picture)
Savory Onion-Roasted Veggies (picture)
Simple Asparagus (picture)
Tomato and Gorgonzola Pasta Salad (picture)
Tomato Pie (picture)
Zucchini Parmesan Crisps (picture)

Bunny Bait (picture)
Cranberry Granola Bars (picture)
Cranberry White Chocolate Orange Bars (picture)
Dreamsicle Fruit Dip (picture)
Fresh Fridge Pickles (picture)
Muddy Buddy Snack Mix (picture)
Oatmeal Energy Bites (picture)
Zucchini Bread with Pineapple (picture)

Abby's Magical Pumpkin Cookies (picture)
Almond Brownies (picture)
Apple Crescent Surprise (picture)
Apple Crisp (picture)
Banana Bread (picture)
Baked Pineapple (picture)
Black-Bottomed Strawberry Pie (picture)
Black Forest Brownie Sundaes (picture)
Cherry Surprise (picture)
Chocolate Chip Cake (picture)
Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball (picture)
Chocolate Chippers (picture)
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars (picture)
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
Chocolate Pot de Creme (picture)
Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookie Ball Jar Mix (picture)
Easy White Macadamia Nut Cookies
Eclaire Dessert (picture)
Funfetti Cookies
Grandma's Apple Crisp 
Libby's Pumpkin Roll
M&M cookies (picture)
Muddy Buddy Snack Mix (picture)
No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars (picture)
Old-Fashioned Orange Cookies (picture)
Orange Cream Freezer Dessert
Oreo Bombs (picture)
Peanut Butter Blossoms (picture)
Pumpkin Dip
Pumpkin Dump Cake (picture)
Pumpkin Lust Cake (picture)
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (picture)
Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies (picture)
Snickers Cookies
Snowball Cookies
Strawberry Pretzel Salad (picture)
Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch (picture)
Stir-Crazy Cake (picture)
Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffins (picture)

Banana Walnut Green Tea Smoothie (picture)
Homemade Sports Drink (picture)
MOAB Acai Recovery Smoothie (picture)
MOAB Pomegranate Smoothie (picture)
Thin Mint Smoothie (picture)
Viva La Holiday Punch