About the Authors


Cooks for...an eats-whatever-I-put-in-front-of-him husband, a notoriously slow-eating five-year-old daughter with a sweet tooth, and a seven-year-old son who loves anything that includes pasta.

In her other life, she...is a full-time physics teacher and the assistant director for the fall play at a senior high school.

She loves her job, but would love to be...running, reading, painting, writing, spending more time with her husband and kids.

She thinks a meal shouldn't...take longer to prep and make than her kids' attention span for coloring, playing with Play-Doh, or whatever else they happen to be involved in while sitting at the breakfast bar as she makes dinner...and that doesn’t leave much time.

She is not...fancy.  At all.  She is also not a food photographer, so forgive her.

When cooking, she doesn’t like to...have to search for ingredients that she has never heard of or that can’t easily be found at the neighborhood grocery store (though she is getting more adventurous).  She also doesn’t really like to chop things, but sometimes that just has to happen.

And she does like to...use as few pots and pans as possible, get a lot of bang for the buck, and have people ask for the recipe when she brings leftovers to lunch at work the next day.

Her favorite food is...um, does dessert count as a food?

Her kitchen...is constantly a mess, but is where her family spends a lot of time, so she is trying to embrace it.


Cooks for...a husband who thinks he is a food critic, a five-year old daughter with a bit of attitude about eating, a two-year old daughter going through a growth spurt who eats anything, and a seven-month old who loves getting to taste anything that isn't pureed.

In her other life, she...shares the love of learning, books, and recess games while repeatedly answering calls for "Mom" from seven and eight-year olds.

She loves her job, but would love to be...singing while running in the sunshine without pushing 70 pounds of stroller and kids, reading more than one page at a time, able to beat anyone at Words with Friends, sitting on a blanket having lunch with her family, or spending more time with her husband.
She thinks a meal shouldn't...use any ingredient for which her students can't clap the syllables or pronounce.

She is not...a quitter.

When cooking, she doesn’t like to...follow a lot of steps or use more than two pots or pans.

And she does like to...use fresh produce, throw stuff in a crock pot, make desserts and dips.

Her favorite food is...anything that has peanut butter and chocolate.

Her kitchen...needs updating, may have sticky floors, could use an organizational expert’s help.


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