About Our Recipe Box

First, let us address the title of our blog:  We do understand that the words “busy” and “mom” when put together create quite the oxymoron - what mom isn’t busy?  But let’s be clear - to enjoy the recipes here, you need not be busy, nor a mom.  This blog is filled with simple, delicious meals that anyone can make and that do not require slaving over a hot stove for hours or measuring a bazillion ingredients.  This blog started as two friends sharing recipes with one another and getting frustrated at the buried e-mails and scraps of paper that housed them.  We were looking for a way to safely store, organize, and share the gems we had discovered over the years.  We turned to this electronic format.

For a while, we kept our recipes as drafts so that only we could access them.  But then we thought, “Why keep this wonderful collection to ourselves?”  

Neither of us professes to be an excellent cook or food photographer.  But we do profess to be excellent at following recipes.  We (and our families) are also excellent critics. Thus, we aren’t going to include the many recipes that we have tried over the years that haven’t made the cut because they were either too much work or just didn’t appeal to us for one reason or another...and there have been many.  Instead, the recipes that you will find here are ones that are in our regular rotations.  They are recipes that we have taken to picnics and parties that have received praise.  They are the recipes that our kids like and eat without an argument.  They are the recipes that combine just the right number of easy-to-find ingredients so as to be full of flavor but not overly complicated.  The recipes are from many sources - magazines, books, other blogs and Internet sites. Some have been handed down for generations; some were given to us by friends.  In most cases, we share the original recipe and include any variations that we typically make.

Our plan is to continue to publish our favorite recipes from the past, while trying new things to publish in the future.  Be assured, you will not find anything here that has not withstood the tests of time and taste.  So, from our recipe box to yours: Enjoy!