Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kelly's Menu Plan 10/13 thru 10/20

I am overwhelmed with the number of things I need to do in a day.  Honestly, I would drop at 8 PM each night if I could.  Meal planning is helping me to keep on top of grocery shopping, dinners, and lunches for work.  Just like in school, there is a calmness because everything is ready to go; if I over plan,  I am just all the more prepared for the next day.

Saturday-Potato Soup
I am enjoying the fall weather with my kids-leaves, pumpkins, parades, costumes.  After being outside most of the morning and early afternoon, potato soup will warm our chilly bodies. An added bonus is that this is a crock pot meal.  
Sunday-Pumpkin Dump Cake
This is hands down my favorite fall dessert recipe.  I've been looking at the pumpkin pies in Costco for weeks is time to start some holiday baking.  Now, I must find a way to get the picture before the family dives in.
Monday-Creamy Cauliflower Mac
 I could hardly contain my excitement when Farmer Boy at the CSA handed me a giant cauliflower.  This is one of the best, most unexpectedly good recipes I have ever found.  
Tuesday-Delicious Crock Pot Pork Chops
I have some pork chops from a recent BOGO sale.  They've been in the deep freeze for two or three weeks.  I plan on pairing this with roasted squash.
Wednesday-Dinner on the Run
We will be eating in our car Wednesday since both girls have dance class.  Both girls' new favorite is a mini bagel with ham, cheese, and lettuce.  That is what I will pack.  I will have to put sticky notes everywhere so I remember to bring the dinner into work to keep cold AND take it with me on the way to pick them up.
Thursday-Taco Cupcakes
I have some extra won-tons and ground meat in the freezer; plus, my husband picked up some queso dip at Aldi.  I have almost everything I need to make this crowd pleaser.  I don't worry too much about slicing tomatoes for toppings; I just add salsa with more fresh tomatoes.  Sometimes time is more valuable.  The kids will gobble this up with a side of corn.
I found that when I stop home to pick up my daughter from the neighbors and take care of the dog there is just enough time to call Pizza Hut.  By the time I pick up the other two children, all I have to do is cross the street and go through the pick-up window.  It may not be the most healthy option, or the most affordable, but it is the most convenient. 

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