Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kelly's Menu Plan-5/13 -5/19

I used to organize my meal plans on our over sized kitchen calendar, but I am running out of room given all the kid classes and commitments.  Posting it online,  I can easily pull up ingredients on my smartphone while shopping or see the steps to one of Joyce's recipes.  This new way of organizing has been saving me some time...and every second matters with three kids!

Sunday-French Toast Casserole
I can throw it together Saturday night and miss the Mother's Day breakfast crowds.

Monday- Chicken and Spinach rigatoni
I like that this is a one-dish casserole.  No need for a side; it is Monday after all.

Tuesday-Taco Cupcakes with Oven Roasted Brocolli and Quinoa
One day this week, my daughter and I were practicing sound matching while singing, "We'll have muffins on Monday, Tacos on Tuesday..." She suggested we have the tacos.  With that decision out of the way, I think I'll make a large batch of quinoa to use as needed the rest of the week.
Wednesday-Pulled BBQ Chicken Crescents
Been wanting to try Joyce's recipe...and those crescent rolls are calling my name.

John has a coaching commitment so I am NOT cooking. Despite my packing him a lunch from our meals prior to serving it, we still have leftovers (that is one of the best hints anyone ever suggested to me-lunch is made, dinner portions don't need to be SO big).
Friday-Slow Cooker Italian Beef with sweet potato fries
As the weather is getting warmer, I want to start using the crock-pot more to keep the oven off; every degree counts when you are on a budget.

Saturday-GOING OUT!
Family birthday party so no plan for me, but I will be making Oreo Bombs to take to my parents house-there was a great sale on them under $2.00 (I just couldn't pass up the price and hid them at home)

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