Thursday, May 31, 2012

Joyce's Menu Plan 6/2 - 6/8

I am a teacher and next week is our last week of school.  I am trying to hold it together as everything comes to a crescendo, while still trying to enjoy some time outdoors with my family in the beautiful weather we have been having.  I definitely don't plan on spending a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen this week.

Saturday - Spicy Chicken Rigatoni and salad
I am planning to cook extra chicken to use later in the week and also make plenty of this dish so as to have leftovers.  My family doesn't like spicy as much as Kelly's, so I will limit the red pepper a bit.
Sunday - Bone-in Country Style Pork Ribs, potatoes, and corn on the cob
We don't have the recipe up yet for this, but it is a pretty easy slow-cooker recipe that I plan to make, and these ribs are on sale for $0.99/lb this week...I definitely want to take advantage of that!
Monday - Leftover Spicy Chicken Rigatoni and/or Ribs and salad
My husband has a banquet to attend; I am sure there will be enough leftovers from Saturday and Sunday for the kids and I to share.  Any remaining leftovers will go in lunches for my husband and I for the week.
Tuesday - Parmesan Crusted Chicken, brown rice, and fresh green beans
You can't beat the ease of this dish when you need a quick meal.  On Tuesdays, we have to be getting up from the dinner table by 5:05 to make it to Taekwondo on time, so it is important that the meal be something both quick to make and quick to eat (read: no fight from the kids).  This one delivers.
Wednesday -  Chicken Divan
Cooking the chicken ahead of time as I plan to do on Saturday saves a nice chunk of time for the prep of this meal, making it another easy one to throw together and into the oven, therefore keeping me out of the kitchen.
Thursday - Grilled Salmon, rice, and fresh zucchini
I bought some bags of frozen salmon on sale a while back.  Spread with some hoisin sauce and skillet fried or grilled, this will be a quick meal that my husband will have no issues tackling.
Friday - Leftover Chicken Divan
For me, leftovers are good to plan for the end of the week.  If we happen to not have enough, we get pizza, but typically we do...and that means no cooking on a Friday!

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