Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kelly's Menu Plan-5/27 thru 6/3

I am a planner, an over-planner at that.  Often, my weekly meal plan lasts for two weeks. When we eat a large salad with our dinner, we eat much less of our entree, and it lasts longer.  Other times, grilled cheese just works better after a LONG day.  But all the menu planning and shopping is done so I have no problem pushing something off a few days.

Sunday-Oatmeal Energy Bites
The weather is nice, the pools are open; quick and easy breakfast is key.  Two of these and a banana make a great breakfast.

Monday- Black Bean and Quinoa Toss
My family is having a big picnic.  As usual, I am in charge of dessert, but I am also bringing a healthy addition to the mix.

Tuesday-Southwestern Stuffed Peppers
I love these stuffed peppers.  I am making a HUGE amount of quinoa on Monday so I don't have to make it again for these.  I don't make anything to go with these-two are very filling.  
Wednesday-Crispy Asparagus Fries and salmon burgers from Costco
My first CSA pickup-fresh asparagus!

Thursday-Salsa Chicken and fresh green beans
Keeping the oven off again in hopes of keeping the house cooler.  Using up the last of the quinoa and salsa with this dish.  I am trying to use more beans in my cooking lately, so I will be doubling the black beans.
Salsa chicken and southwestern stuffed pepper leftovers will work well together.

Saturday-Breakfast Casserole and fresh fruit
I love breakfast for dinner.

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