Monday, August 5, 2013

Backyard Barbecue Menu and Giveaway

If you haven't noticed by now, in addition to cooking, running, and spending time with our families, these two busy moms love to stretch our pennies.  Often, in our ingredients pictures, you will see off-brand, local, and store-brand products because they give us a great value without sacrificing quality.  One of the common brands you may notice us use is Essential Everyday, which is the store brand of our favorite local grocer - SHOP 'n SAVE.  Recently, SHOP 'n SAVE provided the two of us bags full of great products perfect for a backyard barbecue.  From paper products to marinades and condiments, these goodies make the perfect supplement to any picnic or barbecue, and using Essential Everyday products helps to save money so you can spend a little extra on the big items like meat and produce...and you have a chance to win the whole bag!

We love a great backyard barbecue, getting together with some friends, and eating on the deck.  We put together some ideas for a menu so that it might make it a little easier to plan one yourself.  We hope you enjoy our backyard barbecue menu, and if you are from the Pittsburgh area, make sure you enter to win this awesome bag of goodies from SHOP 'n SAVE at the bottom of this post!

Main Dish Options
  • Hot dogs/sausages
  • Burgers with a variety of cheeses and toppings
  • Asian Pork Chops
  • Marinated chicken  (There is a great herb and garlic marinade in the bag.  We recently threw some chicken thighs in a resealable bag with some of the marinade, left it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and grilled them.  Mmmmm.)

Side Dish Options

Dessert Options

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  1. my fav bbq food is my dads bbq chicken and moms cheesy potatoes. nothing else is the same :)

  2. I love any kind of salad! So refreshing on a summer day.

  3. My favorite bbq item is my Mom's 3 Bean Casserole! YUM!!! ~Natalie

  4. I love Steaks on the grill and from Shop N Save everything is fresh and delicious!

  5. I love shopping at Shop n Save

    My favored picnic food is Zucchini Appetizers .


  6. Juicy burgers and nice cold watermelon!! :)

  7. I LOVE pretzel salad!