Friday, January 24, 2014

Joyce's Menu Plan 1/25 - 1/31

Around the holidays, meal planning gets a bit crazy for me.  Right after the holidays are over, my son has a birthday.  Once all the celebrating is done, I can finally get back in gear and get some good planning in.  Things always go better with a plan.

Saturday - General Tso's Chicken
I have been dying to try Kelly's slow cooker version of this take-out favorite.  With my morning plans being cancelled due to weather, I will be able to prep this early and have it ready to go.
Sunday - Potato Soup (and prep Lasagna)
Nothing beats a cup of hot soup on a blustery winter day.  With things being on track in our area for this to be the coldest winter in over thirty years, we have certainly been enjoying our fair share of yummy soups.  This one is one of our favorites.  While I am throwing it together in the morning, I will also prep the lasagna for Monday.
Monday - Lasagna
My family went to Disney for the first time over Christmas break.  When we were standing in line for a ride at the Magic Kingdom, out of the blue, my daughter says, "You know what we haven't had for a long time?  Lasagna.  Can you make it soon?"  It is time to oblige.  Since we have an In-Service day, this being prepped on Sunday will be perfect...I will just pop it into the oven when I get home from work.
Tuesday -  Honey Orange Chicken
This dish has become a staple in our house.  It is amazingly easy, healthy, and full of flavor.  
Wednesday - Leftovers
Since it is just the kids and me on Wednesdays, we tend to heat up leftovers.  When there are several options in the fridge to reheat, I have been known to make a paper menu for the kids so that they can see their options and check off their choices.  They love playing restaurant - especially since we don't go out the real ones often!
Thursday -  Salmon Cakes
I have been trying to have either a meatless or a seafood meal once a week when we can.  With a side of quinoa and a veggie or salad, this fits the bill.
Friday - Knock-off Spinach Power Salad 
We've been making hard boiled eggs early in the week to have for a quick mid-morning snack.  My son will also take one for breakfast on some days.  Usually, we have a couple left at the end of the week; they make a great topping for this salad.  And since I usually grocery shop on Thursday, I should have some fresh spinach to make this quick meal on a Friday.

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