Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kelly's Menu April 20-26

Spring weather has finally started and with soccer, outdoor play, and track season we've been grabbing and snacking a bit too much. Recently, my van has been seen in more than one drive-thru line.  Being organized and having the meal ready to go in the morning can still get me to all the after-school spring activities and fun play but I'll save myself the McDonald's guilt and the money.  Let's finish the school year and slide into summer with healthy eating at home.

This is a Saturday that my husband will be around so I don't want to be spending my time stuck cooking. I'll prep this in the morning and let it go all day.  This slow cooker meal will leave us enough for a few lunches during the week.

Sunday-Eclaire Dessert 
We'll be heading to my parent's house for Sunday dinner.  It is nice to bring something that isn't too hard or time consuming...I'll have to make it the night before so it sets up nicely.

I've been trying to leave this family favorite out of my menus since I can overuse it.  My husband requested it with lots of black beans and quinoa.   It's always nice to start the work week off with a crock pot meal.  When I prep this the night before, I just add an extra half hour to my time in the slow cooker.

Using Monday's leftovers to make Tuesday's meal should give me a few extra minutes to organize the piles of paper that have been slowly multiplying before I find a final place for them.

Wednesday- Assorted leftovers or sandwiches
Only a few more weeks of double duty dancing classes...the girls enjoy having grapes, ham sandwiches, and a few goldfish crackers thrown through the car in sandwich bags...we have a contest for the girl who catches the most bags on the first try and who cleans up best.

Joyce's kids love these so I am giving them a try this week.  Plus, biscuits were on sale at my local grocery store for $1.  I plan to pair it with this broccoli; roasting it takes the tart taste that many kids hate away.

I've been sitting on a few cans of pink salmon so this will work for a quick Friday meal.  I'll have everything ready to go, but if we decide to go out or pick up a pizza we'll have a ready meal for Saturday!

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