Monday, September 17, 2012

Kelly's Menu Plan 9/22 - 9/28

My last menu plan lasted two weeks; then a week of heating up frozen stuff or eating leftovers followed.  Now it is time to try again.  I think this is a pretty ambitious plan...we'll see what happens.  Grocery shopping tomorrow (ON MY OWN!) Going to the store by myself has become one of my treasured opportunities.

Saturday-Breakfast Casserole
I love this meal.  It is so easy to prepare the night before and just heat up the next morning.  I am expecting some fresh hot peppers in my CSA pickup so I will throw them in to help jump start the day.
Sunday-Eclair Dessert
My brother has been nagging me to make the dirt dessert, but I think he'll like this instead.  I really don't want to spend time crushing Oreos. Last time I made this I used banana pudding and vanilla pudding (it seems the boxes are the same color; when you are trying to get out of the store before a melt down, mistakes happen).  This time, I may try chocolate graham crackers.
Monday-Salsa Chicken
My older daughter starts CCD this Monday so I am not quite sure how it will all play out for dinner, but this is a winner every time in our house. 
Tuesday-Chicken and Spinach Rigatoni
I really like this affordable dinner.  My kids love pasta, and I love getting them to eat spinach.  Just hoping my husband packs up the leftovers this time; our dog feasted on them a few weeks ago.
Wednesday-Dinner on the Run
We will be eating in our car Wednesday since both girls have dance class.  I sampled a tortilla spread with hummus and sliced turkey at Costco this week; it was so good.  I plan to hide a bit of hummus under tons of lettuce for the girls.
Thursday- Pulled Pork
 One of my coworkers was making it this week; she was planning to top it with coleslaw.  I wished I could go home with her!  I may try her toppings, but I know we'll have sweet potato fries, and corn.
My husband will have a late work commitment so the kids and I are planning on Pizza, Popcorn and Princess and the Popstar .

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