Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joyce's Menu Plan 9/22 - 9/28

Kelly and I both wrote menu plans for this week, but I am a bit late in publishing mine.  I am already through much of it, and can tell you that it is working out really well.  We have enjoyed a nice variety so far this week, and have had some very yummy lunches to take to work.  My colleagues are some of this website's biggest fans...when I sit down to my reheated leftovers, I often hear, "That looks awesome! Is that on your website?"  Yep!  And it sure beats a school lunch or cold cut sandwich!

Sunday - Southwestern Stuffed Peppers
Years ago, I tried my hand at a recipe for traditional stuffed peppers and it was a disaster.  Something went wrong with the rice, and the filling turned out to be crunchy.  I have always been hesitant to make stuffed peppers since, but this recipe is fantastic.  I use the quinoa, as Kelly recommends.  
Monday - Parmesan Crusted Chicken
You just can't beat this easy meal.  My kids gobble it up every time.  My motivation for making it this week is that I have a bunch of fresh grated Romano cheese that I want to use.  The recipe calls for Parmesan, but this will give it a slightly different twist and use up my ingredients so they don't go to waste.
Tuesday - Bratwurst, potato pancakes, veggies
I drive past ALDI's on my way home from work and occasionally make the time to make a quick stop before picking my kids up from school.  This week, they have their Oktoberfest foods on sale, so I grabbed some for an easy meal after gymnastics.
Wednesday - Pork and Apple Skillet Meal
Time for one of my family's favorite fall meals.  I have apples in the fridge, mushrooms are on sale, and I just bought onions last week.  Looking forward to this one!
Thursday - Pizza
The kids and my husband have Taekwondo; I have Open House to attend.  This day must have a meal that is quick to prepare (buy!) and quick to eat.  
Friday - Pasta and Sauce with tossed salad.
The last time I made Homemade Spaghetti Sauce, I froze three bags of it.  I will take a bag out of the freezer on Thursday and it should be thawed by dinner on Friday.  Since the meat is already in it, this meal will be a snap to make.

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