Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dine-In Day Kids' Dinner Menu

We are excited to pledge to "Dine-In" with the Family & Consumer Science Day on December 3.  Eating together as a family can help increase family bonds and provide more nutritional meals among other positives.

This summer, our family used meal planning for dining-in as a reward for our children; we had no idea how it would work.  The kids loved it!  They planned the entire meal, helped make the shopping list, went shopping, and assisted with food prep. Since school has started, we've gotten away from kid planning because (gulp) it takes a lot of time; however, the benefits outweigh the time commitment so I am recommitting to making this happen more often in our house.

All of the kids took turns picking out items for our dine-in dinner.

Main Dish: Italian Baked Chicken

Fruit: Fresh apples and pears

Drink: Apple Cider

Vegetable: Sugar Snap Peas and Honey Ginger Carrots

Dessert: Abby's Magical Pumpkin Cookies

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